CHASING ロボットアーム 2


CHASING Grabber Arm 2

CHASING Grabber Arm 2 with a standard two-jaw clamp is a replaceable robotic arm developed for Chasing M2 and Chasing M2 Pro underwater drones. It supports quick replacement of sediment sampler, circular claw, and other tool heads.

Solve Multiple Difficult Underwater Work

With grabbing force of 7kg and an adjustable opening and closing distance of up to 170mm, the grabber arm can easily achieve underwater clamping, dragging, sampling and other difficult operations with different tool heads.

10° Elevation Design for Better Vision Experience

10° elevation design brings you perfect vision experience to better operate the grabber arm.

Aluminum Alloy Material, Small and Easy to Install

Aluminum alloy arm body and high reliable sealing connector. Small, portable and easy to install.

Two-Jaw Clamp

  • Max Opening170 mm
  • Max Grabbing Force7 kg
  • Body Weight446 g
  • Clamp Weight76 g
  • Max Diving Depth100 m
  • Body Size380 x 35 x 35 mm
  • Clamp Size125 x 53 x 22 mm

Circular Claw

  • Max Opening170 mm
  • Max Grabbing Force7 kg
  • Circular Claw Weight98 g
  • Max Diving Depth100 m
  • Circular Claw Size113 x 71 x 22 mm

Sediment Sampler

  • Max Opening170 mm
  • Max Grabbing Force7 kg
  • Sediment Sampler Weight325 g
  • Max Diving Depth100 m
  • Sediment Sampler Size178 x 120 x 85 mm